Website Launch

Guidebook + Planner

Generate more money and opportunities

with this 46-page actionable planner.

How much money has your website made in the last 6 months?

Many people hesitate to answer this question because it puts them in a vulnerable position.

Money is often an uncomfortable subject to discuss and I get it BUT you can't fix what you're afraid to admit.

Many entrepreneurs don't understand what their website is actually supposed to be doing for them. 

But here's a little secret... come close friend so no one else will hear...

Your website isn't just a pretty little digital home that sits and collects dust

And simply having a website doesn't make you appear more legit. 

In fact, most websites lack many of the fundamentals needed to inspire someone enough to want to learn more, let alone click the buy button. 

This is why I've created the perfect tool to help you get your website madness in order.   

So what's in the planner?

This 46-page of goodness will help you:

  • Understand the tools and resources you need to  alleviate the stress of designing your website

  • Narrow down your product or service and get clear on your revenue goals so that your website clearly speaks to your target audience

  • Convert website visitors into enthusiastic buyers who are ready to throw their money at you.

  • Map out a strategic plan of action so that your momentum stays alive and well long after your website launches!

PLUS: A BONUS VIDEO where I share why most website launches tank and how you can avoid making a lot of the mistakes many people do when attempting to launch.


This planner is for you if: 

  • Your website generates little to no revenue

  • You struggle with knowing how to communicate your brand message in a clear and concise way

  • Are in dire need of a clear, well-thought-out strategy and need accountability sticking to it

  • You're tired of googling, youtubing and playing the guessing game when it comes to understanding how to build a digital brand.

This planner is completely digital. 

That means you don't have to waste your good printer ink to print this out unless you're more of a pen to paper kinda person. All you have to do is download this on your phone or desktop and use it on the go. 

 This planner outlines the strategy I use with my clients who pay me thousands of dollars to design their websites and they've generated new money and opportunities in their business as a result.  

Could you use some new money and opportunities in your business?

I thought so.  Grab this guidebook + planner and be on your way to elevating your website to match the kind of impact you desire to make.