What if you could generate more money by leveraging the power of your website in as little as 1 week? 

Question for you...

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What if in under 1 week I could show you step-by step how to turn your website into a money making machine? 


...A digital home that works around the clock to convert curious visitors into enthusiastic clients who are ready to throw money at you in exchange for your genius…


Because your website should be the mouthpiece that creates an experience so memorable that folks are banging down the virtual doors, filling up your calendar and whipping out their cards to hand over their hard earned money to work with you because they believe that YOU are the solution to their problem. 

If you want to learn how to create a website that’s so alluring, it pulls on the hearts and wallets of everyone who enters your digital sphere

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You know that in order to have a website that makes money FOR you, you need a clear strategy….


However, you’re constantly finding yourself procrastinating, confused and asking questions like:

What colors, images and textures should I used on my website?

How do I speak to my target audience if I don’t even know who they are?

What services do I really want to offer? 

What the heck is the goal of my website in the first place?

Can you imagine?

Imagine having a website that attracts your ideal clients AND does the selling for you…

without wasting time playing the guessing game only to end up never actually launching.

(Uh huh...I see you with that coming soon page that’s been up for years now)


Overwhelm and confusion because you're unclear about how to make your website work for you

Hiding your genius on and offline because you know that if someone asks for or visits your website, it doesn't match your brilliance

Feeling a lack of confidence and doubting your skillset because you have a website but it's only giving you crickets


Joy, ease and flow because now you have a beautiful website that does a lot of the work for you

You’re confident in showing up on and offline because you can clearly speak to who you are, what you do and why people need what you have to offer

You’re super clear on your target audience so you’re no longer wasting time talking to folks who aren’t a good fit while attracting the people who are ready (mentally and financially) to work with you

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If you want to plan, build, and launch your website in a powerful way

so that you’re attracting the kind of clients you love working with, I have something for you….​


The Website Launch Guidebook and Planner

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Jay is an absolute genius when it comes to creating the visual brand. I have had the honor of working with her twice. As a person that is in constant transition, it can be difficult to try to define what it is that I do outside of stay obedient to my calling. Jay hears that and asks the right questions so that her genius can come through.


A reason that I enjoy working with Jay is because I can trust her to deliver and she trusts herself (very important to me). She also pushes me out of my comfort zone in the direction of my expansion. For every intention that I have had, my website(s) have been the anchoring presence for that. My biggest goal with my website is to direct people exactly where they need to go so that I can have space to be direct talent. She does that. I will continue to trust Jay with the visual aesthetic of my company.

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A 46-page planner that guides and shows you how to build, plan and launch a high-converting website 



What I love more than anything is she brought out the passion. The things that I’d been passionate about for a long time but just didn’t know how to deliver it to anyone. I have all the tools I need to grow a lucrative business in the field of education and consulting.

Here's how it all breaks down...


Get access to the tools and resources you need to alleviate the stress of designing your website.


Narrow down your product or service and get clear on your revenue goals so that your website clearly speaks to your target audience


Convert website visitors into enthusiastic buyers who are ready to throw their money at you.


Map out a strategic plan of action so that your momentum stays alive and well long after your website launches!

But wait...there's more!


What It Takes To Have A Successful Launch

In this video I break down many of the reasons people fail at launching. I also give you a peek inside my brain and my thought process behind the websites I build for my clients.


This video will help transform your thinking when it comes to understanding how to leverage your website in a powerful way. (1).gif
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What makes The Website Launch Guidebook different?

The Website Launch Guidebook is a 46 page planner that breaks down everything you need and does away with all the things you don’t.


If you’re DIY’ing your website this guidebook and planner is super easy to implement TODAY so that you can start seeing the results you want in your business. 


OR you can use this as a reference when working with a web designer. I promise they'll love you for it!

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Here's a sneak peek!


No need to guess when designing your website. This literally has everything you need including prompts and examples to plan, build and launch your website beautifully. ​ (2).gif

Are you ready for more clarity, clients, and money ?


The top tools and systems I use when designing brands for my clients (this list alone will make your life so much easier ) $100 Value

Prompts to clarify your client profile and ideal target audience (confused about who you’re selling to? This will help you get crystal clear and change how you speak to your ideal target audience on you website and social media) $750 Value

Tagline Formula (this is what I use to help my clients create a clear and concise tagline that speaks to the heart of their ideal target audience) $150 Value

Visual Brand Prompts (90% of communication is visual. You’ll get clear on everything from colors, images, textures and fonts for your brand) $300 Value

Revenue + Strategy Planner ( Having a pretty website is useless if it doesn’t convert. This section will help you outline a clear plan of action both before and after your website launches) $97 Value

Total Value =  $1397

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You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

If you’re on the fence, I get it. I can't tell you how many times I've invested in products that didn't live up to what they promised. I want to give you an opportunity to put The Website Launch Guidebook + Planner into action and experience the benefits and results of it transforming your website and business. 


That’s why I’m giving you 14 full days to go through the launch planner and bonus videos, implement them and watch the shift that takes place with your website. 


Hey Greatness! I'm Jay...

I’m so excited and really looking forward to supporting you as you implement this planner so that you can begin to see better results with your website and business. 


Since building brands for the last 8+ years, I’ve discovered what makes a website work and what makes it tank. This is the exact same planner AND framework I  use with my clients who pay me $15K+ to build their brands and now I’m sharing it with you!


I can’t wait to see you inside!

 xx  Jay


You have questions, I have answers.

I already have a website can I still implement this?

100% YES! What I've realized through the years is that many people don't understand just what their website is supposed to do for them. They often assume it's just a pretty thing that just sits and people come look at it and say, "oh nice" and move on to the next thing. If your website isn't generating the kinds of revenue you've envisioned, this planner is the pathway to help you transform that.

What if I need support as I move through this planner

That's a really great question. If at any point you get stuck during the planner and you need assistance or clarity on a question feel free to email me Please also note that if I believe your question results in you needing more support than a quick email answer can offer, I will recommend that you schedule a 1-on-1 session with me to honor the boundaries I've created within my business.

What about the refund policy?

I certainly don't want you to keep something you're not absolutely satisfied with. You have 14 days to go through the entire planner AND implement it. If once you've done both of these things and you find that the guidebook and planner hasn't worked for you in any way, contact me and I'll refund you.

Can I use this planner with my clients?

I'm honored that you'd like to implement my work in your work with your own clients however, this guidebook+ planner is solely intended to be used only by the person who purchased this offer. You are not allowed to share this planner with anyone or duplicate this planner yourself. And please honor this because I keep a lawyer on standby and she's ready for whatever. ;-)

Can I hire you to design my website after I've completed the guidebook + planner?

YES YES to you wanting to take that next step in growing your brand! In order to work with me as a design client, you would need to start here.

Do I need to print this in order to use it?

Nope! Simply download your guidebook+ planner and type directly in it on your mobile or computer device.

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Still Undecided?


Your website generates little to no revenue

You struggle with knowing how to communicate your brand message in a clear and concise way

Are in dire need of a clear, well-thought-out strategy and need accountability sticking to it

You're tired of Googling, YouTubing and playing the guessing game when it comes to understanding how to build a digital brand.

You're finally ready to attract the your ideal clients; the ones who light you up and are overjoyed to worked with you because you've clearly communicated that you have exactly what they need!

Get Your Website Launch Guidebook and Planner Today

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The top tools and systems I use when design my client websites (this list along will make your life so much easier ) 

Ideal Client Prompts

Tagline Formula

Revenue Planner 

Services Prompts

Launch Strategy Planner