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Stop playing around on Google + Youtube trying to build your website

and start raining new money + new opportunities  with a beautiful, quality website that I'll show you how to build in 2 weeks. 

You want the perfect website to match your brilliant business or idea

but you're not quite ready to fork over thousands of dollars for it. 

Listen, I totally get it. Websites are an expense and while I'm an advocate of spending money to make money and getting it done right the first time, I understand that you may not be able to dish out $4K+++ for a website.

However, what you do want to be able to do is showcase your brand in a beautiful way. You want people banging down your virtual doors to purchase your product or invest in your services and most of all you want to present your brand in a way that screams that you are serious about your business and because of that, people should be throwing money at you.


You're a a coach. A consultant. An author. A photographer. A thought-leader.

A wellness practitioner.

A professional service provider…

and the health of your business depends on getting new clients in the door.


It’s not enough to be great at what you do…you need clients.

And not just any clients, but the right clients. The ones who are excited to work with you. The ones who understand that you’re unique and different from anyone else in your industry.


The ones who show up ready for transformation. Clients who are committed doing the work and getting real results.

And you and I know that without a steady flow of the right clients, your business is in trouble.

This is where BYOB Workshop comes in.

No more DIY'ing 

No more endless hours of Googling and Youtubing 

No more phoning your nephew who's getting his design degree

No more waiting to put your product or service out there because you're too embarrassed to show people your website

crystal testimonial.png
Jay has a knack for the details and creates in genius!

Jay is a design genius. Her ability to translate intention into a tangible reality is phenomenal. She can see your vision in design and her execution feels magical. I'd definitely recommend working with her for purpose-driven work.

Crystal Jones,

street talk

And absolutely no more of you attracting anything less than the kinds of clients you desire to work with. 

This is a FUN and action-packed ONLINE  workshop that will provide you with everything you need to build and  launch a solid brand in 2 weeks

Working with a designer or agency can cost you upwards of 4K+++ and can take months before you actually launch. I know because HELLOOO....I'm a designer and I run a digital agency :-).


This workshop saves you time and money. Thousands of dollars to be exact. And you'll work side by side with me and my imaginary design minions as we help you build your dream website.

BYOB Workshop includes:

  • Brand Exercises, worksheets + checklists to prep you to build, launch and GROW your online brand

  • 1-PAGE WEBSITE (like the one you see to your left or above) this works perfect when you're just starting out, or need to deliver information to your audience clearly and concisely to inspire them to purchase your product or service. It also doesn't require you to come up with a ton of text or images like you typically would with a multi-page website

  • Access to our BYOB private facebook community

  • SEO setup so your website gets found on google and other search engines

  • Email Marketing Setup so you can begin collecting leads for your business

  • Group Launch Strategy session so you don't just launch a pretty website but you know how to use your website to start raking in the cash

  • Good vibes and fun and a host of other surprises that I have up my sleeve

Who am I am why should you learn from me? 

jay dean11.png

Hey, I'm Jay! The HCIC (head creative in charge) at Dean Street Creative, a full service digital agency serving high-level entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners. That's just a fancy way of saying I work with folks who are serious about making big money and putting their special magic out into the world. 

Since the inception of my digital agency, I've had the honor of working with over 150+ brands (from wellness coaches, speakers, photographers, authors and the list goes on) helping them establish, market, revamp and generate more money in their brand.

dean street creative forbes.png
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dean street creative vh1.png

The Curriculum Breakdown

Day 1  - 3
We'll spend the first 3 days prepping everything you'll need in order to design your beautiful digital home. 
We'll be focusing on completing your website planner to prep for design. 
This is CRUCIAL to making sure you build a website that converts.
Day 4 - 5
We'll create the overall feel of your online brand using images, textures and fonts.
We'll also finalize your brand board and design a minimalistic logo for your website.
Day 6 - 8
We'll be setting up your domain and preparing your content (text, images and other items from your brand board)  for your website.
Day 9 - 12
You've solidified your website goals, brand  board and you've got a beautiful logo to match. Now it's time to bring it all together.  We'll spend 5 days dedicating this time to translating all your prep work into beautiful design. 
Day 13 - 14
Before you go live it's important that you make sure everything is in beautiful and working order. We'll double check EVERYTHING.
We'll also be solidifying your pre and post launch strategy to make sure that you're not only building a buzz around your website but maintaining it. 

The Platform

web design flash sale-final copy.png

We'll be creating websites using the WIX platform. I chose this platform because while I build site on multiple platforms, WIX is undoubtedly the most user friendly with the learning curve of a 2-year old. It's incredibly easy for you to update and add pages down the line without spending a lot of time wrecking your brain like you would on Wordpress. I'm also a WIX Partner + Expert so I know the platform like the back of my hand.

You'll walk away from this workshop no longer feeling embarrassed to share your dot com with the world. You can finally stop telling people you're working on your website (when you're actually not) and they can finally stop side-eyeing you because it actually doesn't look like a 2-year old built it. 🙃


Are You In?

Well yes, yes you are. Because you. are. smart.


The BYOB Workshop will begin 

February 20th and run until March 3rd

 **Limited spots are available. And that's not some sneaky sales tactic to get you to register either. I literally can't teach hundreds of you at once. That would be a disaster.

Questions? Shoot and email here

 Your Investment 

  SAVE $500  





This Workshop is only for business owners who are truly ready to make more money and more impact and I can't wait to see you inside!


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