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You can transform your website and your brand confidence quickly and effectively


What if you could launch a gorgeous, high converting website for your business in as little as 1 day

 or let me rephrase that... 

what if you could position your brand in a professional, standout way and attract your ideal clients who are READY to work with you?

I’m talking about the kind of brand that WOW’s your clients, inspires them to trust you as the expert

and has them ready with their credit card in hand to buy your course, coaching program or service because you have a website that is not only stunning, but highlights that YOU are the much needed solution to their problem. 

Here's the thing...

You know that in order to attract the attention of clients who light you up, you need a brand that accurately reflects the brilliance you offer...

 but you're spinning your wheels doing all  the things like: 

YouTubing how to DIY your website

Endless pinning on Pinterest trying to figure out your logo, fonts, and how you want your website to look

Copy-catting web designers' work or even attempting to steal other entrepreneur's brand style because you feel so overwhelmed and confused as to how you want your brand to look and feel (yup, I went there 🤷🏾‍♀️)

I need you to understand I'm calling you out not to shame you but to bring light to something that many business owners struggle with AND to let you know

it doesn't have to be this way! 




You're so confident and SURE of your brand and excited to share it with everyone you know

Everyone is congratulating you on your website and complimenting you on how gorgeous, clean and "SO YOU" it looks

Your website doesn't just look good but it feels amazing to you and most importantly to the clients who are looking for the magic that you have to offer; the magic that will transform their lives

You're feeling on top of the world because you finally have a website that does the heavy lifting for you - so you're only attracting folks who you REALLY want to work with, you know, your soul clients.

You can finally focus on showing up powerfully and doing your best work because you have a website that accurately reflects your brilliance- this translates to potential clients trusting you as the expert which makes sales calls and everything that follows after SO MUCH EASIER. Whew! That was a mouth-full!

Now, how delicious does that feel?

If you’re ready to transform your website in a powerful and profitable way, I have something oh so special for you…


The only VIP Web Design Day that takes your website from mediocre to absolutely stunning using high-level design strategy and custom web design in as little as 1 day.

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What my clients say...

 Jay is absolutely masterful at what she does! 

She is not only creative, professional and knowledgeable but intuitive concerning your vision and your personality. She is able to bring vision to life like nobody's business. Anyone who entrust her with your brand reveal, will not be disappointed."

angela testimonial.png

Angela Thibeaux

Pastor, Speaker & Author 

Working with Dean Street Creative  helped my brand go from an idea to an actual manifestation. 

Dean Street Creative was referred to me and I heard the work produced was amazing. It was totally an impulse decision and I was clear that I wanted to work with Dean Street! I'm happy I made that decision to move forward.What I enjoyed most about working with Jay is the creativity in the design and how the final product exceeded what I could have imagined. It was professional and designed in a way that was exactly what I wanted. It's been a pleasure!"

jasmine testimonials.png

Jasmine D Francis

Life Coach + HR Executive

Jay is an absolute genius when it comes to creating the visual brand.

I have had the honor of working with her twice. As a person that is in constant transition, it can be difficult to try to define what it is that I do outside of stay obedient to my calling. Jay hears that and asks the right questions so that her genius can come through. A reason that I enjoy working with Jay is because I can trust her to deliver and she trusts herself (very important to me). She also pushes me out of my comfort zone in the direction of my expansion. For every intention that I have had, my website(s) have been the anchoring presence for that. My biggest goal with my website is to direct people exactly where they need to go so that I can have space to be direct talent. She does that. I will continue to trust Jay with the visual aesthetic of my company.

crystal testimonial.png

Dr. Crystal Jones

Spiritual Mentor + Sound Therapist

What makes The Brand Upgrade so different?


I don’t use templates to design your website EVER so the work I create for you will be customized to you and your brand.


Whatever we create will be gorgeous and infused with intention and strategy. This means that I’m not just taking your money and giving you a subpar website but I’m truly integrating the brilliance that is YOU into your virtual home so that your website makes money for you.


The support you receive from me is out of this world. I truly take on your brand as if it were my own and I care about your results. I’m with you every step of the way making sure that I understand the assignment in and out and produce work that looks and feels amazing. 

Recycled Paper


The Investment

1 Hour Strategy Call

Prep Work / Project Management 

Design Strategy

Custom Design for up to 4 pages

(Website or Design For Sales Funnel)

90 Day Email Support

30 Day Tech Support

Launch Graphic


7 Custom Social Media Templates

1 Hour "Borrow My Genius" Session


*Payment Plans Available 





1 Hour Strategy Call

Prep Work / Project Management 

Design Strategy

Mini Website or Sales Page

90 Email Support

30 Day Tech Support

Launch Graphic


7 Custom Social Media Templates

*Payment Plans Available

This isn't a risk free guarantee, it's actually better.

This is the part where I'm supposed to make a promise to you about how I'm going to give you your money back in the event that you're not satisfied. Fortunately for you, I'm going to spare you that lie because I don't do refunds. 


I show up 100% with my integrity and genius creativity and you do the same.

You'll get me the content I need (with me holding your hand every step of the way) and I'll create a gorgeous, custom website for you. 

It really is that simple. I love doing work with clients who are fun, easy going and are the absolute best at what they do.

I don't micro-manage you, you don't micro-manage me and we each share a mutual respect for one another while honoring each other's sovereignty. My people are the kind of people who don't need to control the process but can flow like water and enjoy this journey...because it really is a lot of fun.  

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The Work

I've had the pleasure of working with entrepreurs in various industries including therapists, doctors, pastors, teachers and coaches.

I get deep joy from working with high-level leaders and creatives who are brilliant and what they do and get profound results for their clients. 

If this is you and you're ready to transform your current website OR you're looking to upgrade your sales page(s) into a portal that houses your genius, schedule a call with me and let's talk about how a VIP can shift your business.

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